To be a successful “home away from home” for your family communication between parents, teachers, directors and owners is crucial. It’s like the butter that holds the cookie together. We have multiple ways which we communicate daily with our parents.


Owners are on site and accessible at Gingerbread LittleVersity everyday. We want to hear your concerns and build relationships with parents in our community. It is important to us that parents are thrilled and are confident with the care they receive. It is our goal to not only keep our parents children but their grandchildren as well. The only way to reach this goal is through open communication and hearing what parents want and need from their childcare facility.


Our directors are generally here on site between 8:30am and 5:30 pm. Please call to check on your child’s health or well being for the day. Directors are here to ensure that you and your child’s needs are met everyday. Our website allows parents to email a director or owner. Directors monitor their email regularly throughout the day. Parents are also invited to join us on Facebook to keep updated on what is happening right now at Gingerbread LittleVersity.


Our teachers are the middle of the cookie. These are the people who are nurturing and teaching your children everyday. Teacher hours vary but there is a communication log in each classroom to leave notes to teachers or teachers to parents. A parent teacher conference can be arranged at a time convenient for the parent.


Other ways of communication are not as personal but are still effective. The computer check-in procedure in the morning or evening may relay a brief reminder of an upcoming event for the next day. Teachers also send home daily report sheet of your child’s eating, sleep, bathroom and play activities.

Every month a newsletter and calendar goes out. The calendar contains what is happening academically in the classroom, field trips days, visitor days and birthdays. The newsletter on the back informs parents of special events coming up.


All of this is to make sure that you, the parent is heard and are pleased. After all we have in our possession for a large portion of the day your most beloved treasure in the world. Any concerns should be brought to your director immediately without hesitation. We will do what is possible to make Gingerbread LittleVersity a wonderful memory in your child’s life.