Give your child the best preschool education with the GingerPrep curriculum. We are a teaching preschool, not a daycare. As part of our Three and Four Year Old Preschool program, we offer our GingerPrep Curriculum, an age-appropriate learning system we developed over the years, which includes learning filled activities for children of all ages. The GingerPrep Curriculum is a phonics based reading and writing curriculum wrapped into weekly lesson plans with themes and bundles of fun-filled learning for your child. As a preschool, we prepare your child for Kindergarten with all of the educational and social skills that will give them an advantage in their critical early education.


Your child will amaze you in the evenings with what he has learned at preschool that day, whether it is hand signing the alphabet or explaining how caterpillars turn into butterflies. The teachers strive to know each child and parent on a personal level.


Lesson plans provide opportunity for among other things:


Physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development

Encouragement of originality and creativity

Planning and developing projects

Sharing of time, space and materials