Full and Part Time Provided


Fine and gross motor skills, sensory skills, language development, and music development are included in the weekly lesson plan. Infants are introduced one on one to each of these skills as they develop at their own pace. Music is an important medium used in this room. Newborns are held and cuddled throughout the day, and the teacher talks and sings with each child on a continuous basis. Some American Sign Language signs are used to provide better communication between child and teacher. Gingerbread LittleVersity follows the Infant Safe Sleep Policy. This policy ensures that our babies sleep soundly on the back without any other interference in the crib. The baby is monitored and taken note of every 15 minutes until awakened. Infant care provides:

Play space with age appropriate equipment, toys and books

Individual cribs with 360 degree viewing for rest time

Fresh infant linens provided daily


Baby food and formula

Daily report card noting feeding and diapering habits