12 months - 35 months

Full and Part Time Provided


Exploring and laughing are the most important parts of a toddler's day. These small people are busy experiencing new things about themselves and their new world.  We use a thematic curriculum in our childcare centers to enhance their curiosity and learning. Whether it is dressing up as a fireman or baking a mud pie, your toddler is enjoying themselves by learning through imaginary play.  These toddlers are beginning to be vocal and we encourage them through songs, books, and conversation. Teachers work on gross motor skills, fine motor skills and lots of language development with the toddlers. Play centers are introduced in the toddler room so the children learn to interact in the dramatic play, block, gross motor, art and book centers.


Two-year old's lesson plans include sensory development through creative art, everyday life development by learning self help skills such as washing hands and putting on coats/shoes, language development through books and songs, small hand-eye manipulative development through puzzles, and movement with music. Children also learn through block play, water play and outside play. Potty training is encouraged and is done in cooperation with the parent when the child is ready.

Teachers promote life skills by:


Full and Part Time

Learning Centers

Teaching table manners

Potty training

Encouraging social and language skills

Introducing Circle Time including finger plays, nursery rhymes, and songs