Track Out is a  for educating our children but making days interesting, educational and filled with memorable experiences is what we’ve always been about. When your child hops aboard the GingerTrack Express, they embark on a journey of hands-on, involved learning and fun that will stay with them for a lifetime.


All aboard the GingerTrack!


Each day the GingerTrack Express expeditions include different classes, projects and fun things to do. These include:


Weekly Field Trips

Dining Out

Culinary Classes

Music Lessons

Science Projects

Hip-Hop Dance Classes

Fitness For Fun

Special Visitors and Entertainers

Arts & Crafts

Theater Days

We believe the GingerTrack Express will meet all your and your child’s needs throughout the school year. It’s flexible for your schedule, convenient for your routine, stimulating for your children, and safe for everyone.



The GingerTrack Express is open during Track Out to any student. We are available to meet your needs on a weekly drop-in basis throughout the school year or reservations can be made to become an expected well-traveled passenger each Track Out period. All passengers may reserve seating for the weeks that best fit their needs. All reservations made are considered a commitment to payment.



Reservations to board the GingerTrack Express must be made 2 weeks prior to the first day of Track Out for scheduling of the many stops on the train. For reservations call 919 552-GRAD.



GingerTrack calendars inform parents of the itinerary while on the GingerTrack Express. Calendars list the main field trips and the many projects and expeditions that are scheduled for the week. All field trips and expeditions begin punctually to allow enough time to ensure safe travel on field trips. Gingerbread t-shirts or sweat shirts are required to attend field trips.